Head of STALKER 2 development: “I decided that there should be a cultural event or nothing at all”

Sergey Grigorovich thanked the fans of the series for their support.

By the anniversary of the announcement of the second part of the shooter, the head of the studio GSC Game World turned to fans on Facebook.

The developer did not disclose details about how the creation of the game is progressing, but only said thanks to everyone who supported the studio.

A year ago, I announced STALKER 2, and at the beginning of development I decided that there should be either a cultural event or nothing. Now I can say that I like.

And we will not talk much this time, we do. The team feels your support, thank you all!Sergey GrigorovichHead of GSC Game World

When the game comes out, at the moment is unknown. However, after updating the official website, players began to look for clues and hints on it, deciphering the Morse code in a musical composition.

Fans began decoding messages from developers on the updated site STALKER 2 

The original STALKER was developed for more than six years – the game was released in 2007 and eventually gained a cult status.


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