Half-Life 2 Gameplay Hour With Digital Foundry Raytracing


The editors of Eurogamer’s technical department have tested Valve’s shooter with ray tracing and co-op mods.

The journalists showed several levels – including the introductory location at the City-17 train station, Ravenholm and the Nova Prospect prison.

Each of them had approximately the same modifications installed, however during the game they constantly changed the settings to show all the possibilities.

We launched Half-Life 2 with raytracing on different configurations with three different video cards – RTX 2080 Ti, GTX 1060 and AMD Radeon VII.

Digital Foundry employees used an alpha version of the ReShade filter program from the developer with the nickname Pascal – only those who supported it on Patreon can download it .

Prior to this, the software was tested in the first part of the Crysis shooter, also “turning on” raytracing there.


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