Fans began decoding messages from developers on the updated site STALKER 2

Folding versions yet.

On March 28, the STALKER 2 website was updated . Art appeared on it, as well as a musical composition, in which a Morsech woman began to sound in the second minute.

Players have already begun to decipher the code. According to the first options, the audio file is encrypted message like “We have to wait.”

I don’t know if anyone hears me, but it doesn’t matter. I’m used to loneliness, the zone gave everything sense. I have to wait.

One of the options for decoding the message

In addition, fans noticed that the original audio file with the composition in the .wav format (available for download on the website) “weighs” 65 megabytes, which is quite a lot. According to some players, something in the title of the track “014-S2” is also encrypted.

In addition, gamers are trying to understand what is written on one of the walls with the official art.

Studio GSC reported on work on STALKER 2 in May 2018. Details of the project is still unknown.


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