“Working on the next Splinter Cell”: The Creative Director of The Division 2 surprised the players with a strange tweet


He was supported by colleagues, but Ubisoft says it is a joke.

On May 14, The Division 2 creative director Julian Gerity posted on the web a strange post mentioning Splinter Cell.

Tweet reported that Gerity “is working on the next Splinter Cell” along with Dan Hay (executive producer of the games of the Far Cry series) and Roman Kampos Oriola (game director of For Honor), and also cannot wait for E3.

Soon the recording did not disappear, but others appeared behind it.

Okay, please don’t retweet. Perhaps I will have problems.

Message from our PR director. Don’t tell me what to do!

In addition, Dan Haye retweeted the original tweet to his tape.

Joke supported and creative director The Crew.

Nonsense. Do not retweet. You are welcome…

And Gerity, in turn, completely changed his profile on Twitter.

Such a strange mention of the game, the continuation of which fans have been waiting for several years, caused bewilderment among Twitter users.

Meanwhile, in a conversation with the portal USGamer Ubisoft reported that it was just a joke.

Julian was obviously joking, as he often likes to do. Looks like our creative directors are having fun now. We have no announcements at the moment.from Ubisoft statement

Kotaku editor Jason Schreyer also confirmed that this is a joke.

This tweet “blew up the Internet”, but in fact we are talking about a handful of creative directors of Ubisoft, each of whom has his own project. They drank at the publisher’s management meeting and decided to kick you all. Sorry, heh.


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