Riot Games removes animations from League of Legends that can trigger an epilepsy attack


In May, the developers added new effects to the game when they finished, but decided to temporarily disable them after a user complaint with photosensitive epilepsy.

On May 13, the player under the nickname Apricot Princess complained about the new animations of finishing moves that Riot Legends introduced to League of Legends as part of the “Tests of the Mid Season”. According to the user, large flickering icons that now appear over dead characters can provoke an attack in people with photosensitive epilepsy – this disease is also in Apricot Princess.

The player asked Riot Legends to add to the League of Legends the ability to turn off effects when finishing. In response, designer Justin Hanson apologized for the possible damage that animations could cause, and also stated that the developers didn’t have enough time to turn them off.

However, on May 14, a representative of Riot Games told Kotaku that the team is serious about diseases like photosensitive epilepsy and will soon remove from the League of Legends the effects that can cause an attack of this disease. The developers contacted Apricot Princess to fully understand the situation, and stressed that they would add the ability to turn off animations when they are returned to League of Legends.


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