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In early May, one of the editors of Digital Foundry bought an HDR display and tried it in many popular games.

In our reports, we usually talk about the resolution and frame rate of games, but one of the main revolutions in the picture in this generation was HDR technology, or, more precisely, HDR10, which is used on consoles.from DF material

In this regard, the publication decided to re-rank the games with the best implementation of this technology. When buying a new display, DF experts advise starting with it.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn . The setting of the game is ideal for demonstrating technology: especially when it comes to the sky, flashes of fire, or sources of artificial light. HDR is flawlessly calibrated by developers, but not customizable as desired.
  • Gran Turismo Sport . The developers have invested enormous effort in researching technology and have made some of the most flexible settings in the industry. In this case, HDR brings the game to photorealism as close as possible. Sport loses a lot when switching to SDR – especially in difficult scenes where the player must see the starry sky against the background of bright light sources.
  • Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake . According to DF experts, in this game HDR disconnection is felt most strongly. On the one hand, light plays an important role in the gameplay, and on the other hand, the HDR mode is clearly distinguished by the smoothness of color and light transitions. But there are some drawbacks: in some episodes, the developers lighten the black color too much for the game to read better on lower-quality displays.
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  • Crackdown 3 . The controversial game stands out for one of the best HDR implementations on the market – especially at night, when hundreds of neon lights appear on the screen.
  • Metro Exodus . HDR perfectly shows itself in contrasting scenes, and with its disconnection a lot of details are lost.
  • Tetris Effect . The game has many bright flashes and particle effects that look great on an HDR display.
  • Forza Horizon 4 . The first game of the series in which developers really mastered the technology.
  • Resogun . HDR added a patch to the game, and scattering bright particles with it look especially cool.
  • Spider-Man and God of War . Almost reference support HDR – one of the characteristic features of exclusives Sony. DF decided not to list them all.

DF video supports HDR displays. It can be fully appreciated on many smartphones of the latest generations, including the flagships of Apple and Samsung.


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