Game Insight President Maxim Donskikh left the company


“It was a wonderful adventure, and it came to an end.”

Don talked about leaving the company, where he worked for about 12 years, in his Facebook. According to him, his vision of the company’s development has diverged from the vision of its founder and CEO.

At some point, our views on the future diverged, and I respect the right of Igor and Tolley [Ropotova, CEO of the company] to move the company to where they see fit. I wish them good luck with that. And I will move on in my direction.

Thanks to the whole GI team, which makes such amazing games as “The Natives”, “Mysterious House”, “Airport”, Guns of Boom and others – all the games and characters are forever with me, even if you do tattoos like a moron.

In general, the main thrill, of course, is to do what you love, see the results of your work and understand that millions more see them all over the world. I am sure that such a buzz will still be a sea for me and for the team that will continue to push GI forward and up.

Sometimes you catch such a rare feeling that if life is a movie or a game, now the credits should go. And then there will be a sequel, a new season and in general a new show for the next 12 years.

Maxim Donskikh

According to the Game Insight website , Donskikh began working for Igor Matsanyuk’s IT Territory company in 2008, then as a member of the team he moved to Astrum Online Entertainment, then to Mail.Ru Games, where he became the head of social games development.

In 2010, Donskoy founded the Road 404 studio, which was included in Game Insight. In December 2014, Donskoy headed the company’s marketing division, and at the end of 2015 he became president.


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