Bethesda released Rage 2 in its store without Denuvo – it didn’t even have to be hacked


The game became a victim of “pirates” in a matter of hours after the release.

On May 15, players discovered that Bethesda, for some reason, released the Rage 2 in its digital store without protection Denuvo, which is present on Steam.

Thus, the “pirated” release groups have already received a ready-made executive file, which is necessary for launching – the shooter works with it in completely offline mode.

It is not yet clear whether this was a mistake or whether the publisher simply relied on his own, simpler DRM protection, but the game seems to have already appeared on torrents and in the form of Google Drive files.

For developers, this may be a signal to remove Denuvo from all versions of Rage 2. Moreover, players have already complained about the performance of the Steam release, and, judging by the first tests, the version from even runs faster.


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