One of the series “Duck stories” will be devoted to the Black cloak


Or rather, an actor who wants to restart a franchise about a superhero.

The black cloak has already appeared several times in the animated series, but only in the form of a cameo – the heroes of “Duck Tales” watch this character on TV.

The episode entitled “The Duck Knight Returns!” (“The Return of the Duck Knight!”) Will be released on May 17 and will be completely dedicated to the hero.

He tells about the actor Jim Starling, who played Black cloak in the series. In the story, he wants to restart the franchise, using the help of Scrooge MacDuck and Zigzag McCrack, a big fan of the show.

Starling’s voice again gave Jim Cummings, voiced Cloak from the early nineties.

Also small roles in the episode were played by Ted Stones, the creator of the Black Raincoat animated series, and Edgar Wright, the director of the films Scott Pilgrim and The Zombie By the Name of Sean.

Wright can be heard in a fragment published online – he voiced director Alistair Bursvon, to which Starling refers.

The original animated series “Black Cloak” was released in 1991-92 and lasted three seasons. The show was twice nominated for an Emmy Award.

The restart of the “Duck stories” started in 2017. The series was extended to the third season even before the second one.


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