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The head of Rebellion does not plan to make the games of the company exclusives of EGS, but does not see the problem in another launcher


He does not exclude, however, that plans may change.

Co-founder and head of the studio Rebellion Jason Kingsley talked to MCV journalists and said that while his company, known for the Sniper Elite series, does not plan to release games exclusively at Epic Games Store, since it is important for him to maintain good relations with the players.

It is necessary to take into account the factor of what the negative reaction of the community, caused by such a decision, can cost. I want to be honest with fans who want to use the platform they want. At the moment I hold this position. I suppose this may change, but there must be a damn good reason for this.

Jason kingsleyco-founder and head of Rebellion

Kingsley said he understands why Epic Games uses an exclusive deal strategy.

I fully understand their actions from a business point of view, as they need to attract people to the platform. Do I support them? From the point of view of the consumer, their actions are a bit annoying, but only a little, because one more launcher on the computer costs nothing to anyone.

Jason kingsleyco-founder and head of Rebellion

Finally, Kingsley supports the very idea of ​​growing competition in the market, even if the struggle is conducted in this way.

Still, antitrust commissions do not just exist. I think that having colleagues who are pushing you to improve your offer is useful for any business. For this, I applaud Epic, and I think that there is a benefit for Steam as well, since the competition can make them think: “Damn, it’s time for us to get together, take note and do something.”

Jason kingsleyco-founder and head of Rebellion

Rebellion has enough plans for the near future – the studio is working on at least four games on Sniper Elite, one of which is a full-fledged sequel.


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