How Mortal Kombat 11 is arranged off -screen


Tricks in the implementation of fatality.

Like almost all the previous parts of the series, Mortal Kombat 11 is a fighting game in two planes. Over time, the graphics were improved, and therefore everything looks very good in the continuation: the environment has excellent detail. In addition, to the eleventh of Mortal Kombat added to the cinematic: everywhere, from cut scenes in story mode to fatality, has its own formulation.

User Shesez, author of Boundary Break on YouTube, with the help of mods looked into the backstage of the game – and we chose the most interesting one from his video .

In the “Crypt” mode, one of the most famous arenas of the series is recreated – Yama. There, on the bridge in the distance, you can see two characters fighting.

The fact that this is the Rhine and Blaise (in the roster Mortal Kombat 11 they are not) can be understood without mods. However, when approaching the camera can be seen that their models are very angular.

Low detail touched and Kano, who stands in the background of the arena of the Black Dragon Fight Club – the character seems to be made of plastic

But for all the bottles that stand behind him, you can see the names on the labels

Johnny Cage has eye sockets for his glasses, but there are no eyeballs themselves. At the same time, he also blinks

Where it was possible to do without meticulous detailing, NetherRealm did so. For example, at the Arena Shao Kan, all the spectators are not only cropped to the waist, but simply not even three-dimensional – only flat animated pictures

At the level of Shaolin Trap Dungeon, behind a trap with axes, one can see a “window” to another arena – Wu Shi Dragon Grotto. However, it worked, of course, much worse than the original location: the same backs are two-dimensional

In a cybernetic factory, one can notice how the same body travels from one pipe to another. In fact, it does not “fly” around the whole level, but is teleported, it is worth the gulf from the visible angle

In the arena with the sea you can see how many ships are sailing in the distance. The further they are from the coast, the worse their study is – the last ships in general become two-dimensional

In fatality Johnny Cage in the perspective of the first get to the wrong hands, which snap the cracker for filming. Of course, apart from the hands in the model, nothing more

In this reception, Johnny Cage tears off the head of the defeated character and throws it into the camera, after which it cracks. The effect of broken glass creates the usual two-dimensional texture, which is superimposed on top of the angle

For many characters, individual locations are used during the fatalities, which are replaced directly during the animation. For example, Sonya Blade throws the fallen character in the air and shoots him so that he gets into the screws of the helicopter. When this happens, the characters are not teleported anywhere – they only instantly change their surroundings along with their angles

Original perspective
Changed perspective

A new heroine, Tsetrion, during fatality increases in size, becoming larger than the entire planet – and then a beam of light spreads the enemy. Behind the scenes, it looks like this

Scarlett penetrates the enemy with bloody threads and explodes the heart. When this happens in the game itself, a huge model of the heart appears at the place of the defeated character

Blur occurs due to cinematic mode during fatality

When the Scorpion clings to the harpoon and passes through the ground, under the arena its model disappears – but the movement of the chain itself is still visible

Kotal Kahn nails the enemy with a huge stone head. Until she appeared in the frame, she is stored in the memory of the game – namely, right under the arena

Jax teleports almost the entire scene with almost every change of angle. In the usual formulation, this is unnoticeable

On the character selection screen behind you can see how their models are fighting. If you bring the camera closer, it becomes clear that they are not two-dimensional – just too dark

Video: how Fatal Blows in Mortal Kombat 11 look from the side


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