Dauntless co-op action to go to Epic Games Store

Developers abandon their own launcher.

In its blog, Phoenix Labs studio announced that its cooperative action-RPG Dauntless will completely move to the Epic Games Store later in 2019.

As the developers explained, all player profiles will be converted into Epic Games accounts, or combined with existing ones in the case of users already registered in the store.

After migrating profiles to the Epic Games Store, players will save all their progress, and the studio will get rid of its own Dauntless launcher.

It is expected that Dauntless will be released in the store along with the release of the console versions – it is scheduled for April. Phoenix Labs also reminded that it wants to provide an opportunity to play with friends regardless of the platform, and noted the contribution of Epic Games to the development of cross-play with Fortnite.

Probably, Epic Games is going to help developers get permission from Sony, on the platform of which cross-play besides Fortnite is now only in the Rocket League, and soon may appear in Wargroove.

The Dauntless page in the Epic Games Store is already open , but the release date is not yet listed on it. Only system requirements.

Dauntless is a cooperative action RPG that resembles a mix of Evolve and Monster Hunter, where teams of four players hunt rare monsters. But unlike Evolve, they cannot be controlled here.


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