Devil May Cry 5 shipments exceed 2 million copies


According to Capcom, the game has successfully “cheered up the brand.”

Capcom published a quarterly financial report, released on May 7, in a presentation format – in it the company indicated that deliveries of Devil May Cry 5 worldwide reached 2 million copies. This is not the exact number of sales, but the figure shows that there is a demand from the audience.

DMC 5 achieved this result in just a month – the game was released on March 8, and the quarter for Capcom ended on the 31st. For comparison, the delivery of a remake of Resident Evil 2, released in January, is 4 million copies.

At the same time, Capcom updated the data on total sales of games within its franchises. Resident Evil reached 91 million copies, Street Fighter 42 million, Devil May Cry 20 million, and Monster Hunter 54 million. Dragon’s Dogma, with reprints, sold 4.4 million copies. It is likely that the sequel can give a green light.

According to analysts, the presentation does not contain any references to major Capcom games for the upcoming fiscal year ending March 31, 2020, although usually the company reports plans. It is likely that the Iceborne Supplement for Monster Hunter: World, shown on the second State of Play, will be the only major release of the publisher.


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