The authors of World War Z presented a three-month game development plan.


Users waiting for a new chapter, weapons and zombies.

Studio Saber Interactive shared the content plan of the cooperative zombie shooter World War Z. In May, a new chapter in Tokyo will appear in the game, which will include two missions. Current chapters contain three assignments. In addition, players will meet with a new type of zombies.

The June update will add extreme complexity, as well as cosmetic items such as skins for weapons, clothes of heroes and accessories.

In July, developers will introduce weekly trials into the game.

In addition, the authors’ plans include private lobbies, survival mode with waves of enemies, the ability to change the class during the PvPvZ match, as well as the expansion of graphics settings in the PC version. These innovations will appear in the following updates, the release of which is not yet scheduled for a specific date.

World War Z is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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