Unity introduced a learning platform for developers


As noted in the company, it will help you learn how to work with the engine.

Unity has introduced a training platform for developers mastering its engine. At Unity Learning will be held various courses on working with technology.

In total, there are six of them at the launch of the platform: “Unity Basics”, “Start of 2D-game development”, “Start of 3D-game development”, “Scripting basics”, “3D-game development”, “Productivity and optimization”. Course duration varies from 2 hours and 40 minutes to 5 hours and 45 minutes.


In addition, users will be able to create two example games – two-dimensional Ruby’s Adventure and three-dimensional John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt – from the Unity editor settings to the very end.

In order to use Unity Learning, you must register on the platform . The course is free. While they are available only in English, but the company promises to add other localizations later.


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