Satisfactory Developers: “The number of copies sold of the game fell to nine”


Looks like the studio decided to make fun of the fans.

The creators of the sandbox Satisfactory said on their official twitter on April 24th that their game, exclusive to Epic Games Store, seemed to have sold only nine copies.

Several people allegedly asked for a refund for an engineering simulator in an open world, so sales plummeted.

Update on the number of copies sold Satisfactory. It fell to nine. Several people made a return. I hope you are doing better than ours. It should be easy.

Apparently, in the Studio Coffee Stain decided to make fun of subscribers. The developers even began to make fun of the fact that no one uses the Epic store.

88% of zero is still zero.

Apparently, they also rated the players’ jokes – for example, with a play on the name (literally, “satisfactory” means “satisfactory”).

On the other hand, no matter how many copies you sell, the number will still be satisfactory.

But nine is not a satisfactory number.

Inspired by Twitter, one of the developers even sent his own community manager, Jace Varlet, from the official account of the game.

Zero is a satisfactory number.

Jace, and would not you fill up *****?

Real sales Satisfactory authors do not disclose. At the end of March, a few days after the release in early access, they declared that more than ten people had bought the game.

We are asked how many copies of Satisfactory we have already sold. I can confirm that more than ten.

This is a binary number system, by the way. So in decimal – two copies.

Developers communicate regularly with Twitter users. On April 25, they even decided to respond to the “threats” to disarm their game, if it does not come out on Steam.

The creators of Satisfactory responded to the “threat” of the user to save the game, if it does not go to Steam 


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