The creators of Satisfactory responded to the “threat” of the user to save the game, if it does not go to Steam


“You can do it in an adult way and put up with it.”

On April 25, a Twitter user, who had already deleted the recording, contacted the authors of Satisfactory and declared that he was playing the game if it did not come out on Steam.

Steam or The Pirate Bay, your choice. Don’t give Epic a dime.user comment

Usually, companies ignore such messages and do not publicly comment on them, however, Coffee Stain studio made an exception.

If you want, you can be a criminal and steal the work of 30 people who have dedicated three years of their lives to creating a Satisfactory, just because the game did not come out in your preferred launcher. Or you can enter as an adult, accept it and go play something else. Your choice.

A little later, the developers closed the topic with an entry in which they stated that the pirates did not represent their community.

Anyway, enough about the fucking pirates. This discussion has been particularly turbulent over the past couple of days, but it does not represent our community in any of its forms. Everything is wonderful with us, and the love with the support that we receive daily from 99% of you is incredible. Thank!

Satisfactory was released in the Epic Games Store in March 2019, and so far the release on other sites has not been announced.


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