The Supreme Court of Nepal lifted the government ban on PUBG


The “royal battle” blocking was recognized as a violation of constitutional freedom of speech and information.

On April 11, the government of Nepal banned PUBG in the country – the authorities explained the blocking by anxiety of parents for the performance of children whom the “royal battle” allegedly distracts from their studies and household duties.

After that, a group of six Nepalese lawyers filed a complaint against the actions of the government with the Supreme Court, which eventually ruled that the ban on PUBG violated the constitutional freedoms of Nepalese citizens – in particular, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. To prohibit PUBG in Nepal, the government now has to prove the need for such a blockage.

In early March 2019, PUBG was banned in India, and in mid-April in Iraq, where they blocked another “royal battle”, Fortnite was “due to the negative impact of the games on health, culture and security of Iraqi society, and also because of the threat to the moral education of children and adolescents. ”


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