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World sales of World War Z for a week exceeded a million copies


The peak number of players in the cooperative zombie shooter reached 70 thousand people.

World War Z was released on April 16 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, where the game appeared exclusively on the Epic Games Store, and by April 23 it had a circulation of more than a million copies.

Developers from Saber Interactive were satisfied with the success of the zombie shooter – so, according to CEO of the studio Matthew Karch, World War Z sales at the Epic Games Store outside the US were higher than the team had expected.

World War Z showed strong results in both Europe and the USA. The peak number of players was 70 thousand people on all platforms – the audience on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One was about equal.


What surprised us was the sales of the game in EGS outside the USA – they were so high that the circulation in the USA was only 1/4 of all copies sold on PC.

Matthew Karch Co-founder and CEO of Saber Interactive

Immediately after the release of World War Z also led the British retail chart. The rating of a zombie shooter on Metacritic at the same time is 65 points (at the time of publication of the note).


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