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QIWI launched a donation service for streamers


Funds will be sent directly to the wallet in the payment system and without commission.

QIWI has launched Donate service, which allows you to automatically credit donates for streamers directly to QIWI Wallet. In this case, until December 31, 2019, the company will not charge a fee for the transfer. The company has not yet reported what it will be in the future, but in a conversation with , a representative of QIWI said that, most likely, the commission would not appear at all.

In addition to donating, the service provides streamers with a set of widgets and functions, including the ability to add a moderator of a broadcast, conduct polls, and follow donation statistics. You can withdraw money to a QIWI card, cards from other banks (with a commission) or automatically through a special API.

To connect QIWI Donate, streamers need to log in to the site of the service through YouTube or Twitch and bind their wallet to it. After this, you can set up alerts and place a link to the funds receipt page in the broadcast description.

QIWI has already launched the Donate service in November 2017. Then the company reported that until the end of the year the commission will not be charged, and after its amount will be 4% of the transfer. This version of the service was closed in February 2018, since it did not have the direct transfer function to QIWI Wallet – the funds were first sent to an interim account, and then distributed to the balance of payment systems.

In mid-March 2019, QIWI announced the launch of its own e-sports league. Within its framework there will be competitions in CS: GO and Dota 2, but in the future there may be other disciplines.


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