Iraqi parliament plans to ban brutal video games


Deputies are going to first block the “royal battles” Fortnite and PUBG.

The April 17 update of the Iraqi parliament voted to ban the country in Fortnite and PUBG – “due to the negative influence that games have on the health, culture and security of Iraqi society, and also because of the threat to the moral education of children and adolescents.

On April 13, at a press conference in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, MP Samia Gulab (Sami’a Ghulab) announced that she was worried about video games that “threaten the social and moral stability” of the state — and the committee on culture, information technology, tourism and antiquities, which includes Gulab, is already discussing the possibility of banning violent games in the country.

Members of the Iraqi parliament intend to block popular shooters – primarily Fortnite and PUBG. The last in October 2018 in Iraq, Islamic spiritual leaders tried to ban, and in November 2018 a murder occurred in the country, the cause of which was the excessive passion for playing PUBG. Previously, the “royal battle” was banned in Nepal and India.

Fortnite has been criticized in Iraq for text chatting that may involve minors in conversations that threaten their security.

Brazilian MP proposed to introduce criminal penalties for the development and sale of video games that promote violence 


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