A service has been launched in Russia that allows you to lease an Xbox One console

Monthly fee starts from 990 rubles.

In Russia, the program started Xbox Forward. Its members can rent a console Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Monthly fee will be 990 and 1490 rubles, respectively. The price of the “subscription” is already included in the price of Xbox Live Gold.

The operator of the Xbox Forward program is the platform Sign Up . The contract is made online. After approval, the console is delivered to the client.

The user can at any time pay residual value and redeem the console. The contract itself is designed for 25 monthly payments. Thus, the Xbox One S with two years of access to Xbox Live Gold will cost 24,750 rubles.

Also, the game system can be returned by paying for a refund. This possibility does not work in all cities of Russia.

The Forward Leasing company, which is responsible for the implementation of the program, is a member of the Home Credit international group.


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