Jedi Fallen Order: first trailer, screenshots, art and details


Action Respawn on “Star Wars” will be released on November 15.

The game tells about the Padawan, who survived order 66, when all the Jedi began to kill. It is confirmed that the Jedi Fallen Order will not be multiplayer, lutboks and microtransactions as such.

The trailer confirmed the leak – the main character in the game was played by Cameron Monaghan, famous for the show “Shameless”, as well as the role of the Joker in the TV series “Gotham”.

The main character of Jedi Fallen Order is Cal Kestis, and the BD-1 droid, who was sounded by Ben Burtt, the sound designer of the Star Wars franchise films and the voice actor, will help him.

In the story at the beginning of the game, Cal is a simple worker, sawing the Star Destroyer into parts. However, during the incident, he rescues a colleague from death with the help of the Force, which attracts the attention of the Second Sister, an inquisitor in the service of Darth Vader.

One of the main opponents of Cal will be the storm troopers, sweepers, who are trained to fight with enemies who own the Force.

As for Cal’s lightsaber, Respawn hinted that he actually does not belong to the Padawan himself. Who is his real and probably the former owner, before the release will not speak.


Concept art

Immediately after the presentation, the pre-order of the game opened on all platforms – in Origin, the basic version costs  54.01 United States Dollar
, and the extended version – 58.64 United States Dollar

The pre-order is a cosmetic image for the lightsaber and mate of the droid, and the extended edition includes a documentary about the design and a set of cosmetic equipment for Cal.

In the Microsoft store for Xbox One, the basic version costs the traditional $ 60, and the expanded version – $ 70.

In the Russian PS Store, the basic version costs 4499 rubles, while the extendedversion costs 4999.


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