Investigation, people-fish and diving: 15 minutes of The Sinking City gameplay


A game inspired by the works of G.F. Lovecraft, will be released June 27th.

Journalists Game Informer published a record gameplay horror The Sinking City and talked about some of the mechanics of the game.

The video showed one of the first cutscenes, the arrival of detective Charles Reed in the town of Oakmont, as well as his investigation during one of the quests – without revealing the solution of the basic mysteries.

The main character will not only communicate with the characters, but also look for clues, look into the past and collect facts about what is happening in the “Halls of Reason”. This is a system that stores known information – players need to organize it and establish links.


At the end of the video showed footage of the gameplay under water. After completing one of the quests, Reed gets an aqualung, with which he can explore the flooded parts of the city. In them, the danger of seeing something from which the hero will start to go crazy is much higher.

The Sinking City will be released on June 27th. The PC version of the game will be an exclusive Epic Games Store.


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