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Darkness and Strangers: Alien: Night Shift – the third short film on “Alien”

The night shift of two workers turns into a slaughterhouse.

Alien: Night Shift on IGN also released short films Alien: Containment and Alien: Specimen. All of them are part of a series of six films, which were shot byindependent directors for a contest organized by the 20th Century Fox in honor of the anniversary of the original “Alien” – in 2019 the horror Ridley Scott turned 40 years old.

According to the Alien: Night Shift story, the space cargo provider finds his partner, who disappeared for four days and was not in the best condition. Together they go to the warehouse, where they are met by local workers – and where the sick becomes much worse.

Alien: Night Shift wrote and filmed Aidan Brizonic, who had previously worked on The Last Good Country and Norah Jones: Tragedy shorts. The next film on Alien will appear on IGN in a week.


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