Sony will allow to change the nickname on PSN from April 11th – free of charge only for the first time.


This was reported by the company in its official blog.

You can change the identifier via PSN or a web browser (you cannot do this with PS Vita and PS3). The function is not supported by all games, but only by most of those released or updated after April 1, 2018, so the company recommends that you review their list .

In some cases, a change of nickname is fraught with risk – you can lose savings and prizes, as well as paid add-ons and virtual currency. In addition, in such games your friends can still show the old nickname. In this case, Sony advises to return the old ID, because “this will solve most problems.”

As on the Xbox, changing the nickname again will be possible only for money – so that users do not abuse the function and do not engage in bulling. You can return the old ID free of charge – the other player will not be able to pick it up.

The first time you can change the network ID for free, each next shift will cost 7.75 United States Dollar. For PlayStation Plus subscribers, each next ID change will cost 3.87 United States Dollar
from Sony statement

A complete list of frequently asked questions and answers to them can be found in the Russian-language blog Sony.

PSN Online ID Change feature launches for all PS4 players tomorrow

PlayStation Network was launched in 2006 along with the PlayStation 3, but the nickname change function appeared in it only now – despite the fact that it has long been available on Steam, Xbox Live and other competing services.

The impossibility of changing the nickname in PSN more than once caused loud scandals – for example, in 2018 a St. Petersburg resident with the identifier blya was banned after 11 years of using the profile, but was later given back access.

There was also an almost uni-nal case, when Sony allegedly changed the nickname KYKYPY3A_B_AHYCE to streamer Georgy Trishkina, but later it turned out that the support simply transferred its data to another profile.


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