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Randy Pitchford: Troy Baker himself abandoned the role of Reese in Borderlands 3


Previously, the actor hinted that the decision was still made by Gearbox.

In early April, a video appeared on Reddit from the meeting of actor Troy Baker, who voiced Reese from Tales from the Borderlands, with his fans. During it, he confirmed that in Borderlands 3 he was not voiced by the hero, also expressing his dissatisfaction with this.

I don’t agree with what Gearbox is doing, and I want her to know that if you are returning a character from Tales from the Borderlands, then the people who created it must work on it. They shouldn’t have made a rekast, whether someone likes it or not, because for me, as a fan, it is important.

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In the Borderlands community, the news provoked a negative reaction, and many admitted that they really would like to hear Troy Baker’s voice again.

The situation, however, was confusing. On April 10, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said on Twitter that questions should be addressed to Baker because he had abandoned the role.

You need to ask Troy himself. Our audio director told me that he gave up the role. Fortunately, given how exactly Reese is shown in the game, I don’t think this is so important. You will see for yourself when the game comes out, and you can either agree with me or not.

Moreover, after the release of the first trailer of the game, where Reese appears among the shown characters, Baker made it clear on his twitter that he was ready to play the character, if necessary.

Nothing will make me happier. Just say Gearbox.

Then Pitchford responded to one of the fans under the recording of the actor and did not confirm or deny Baker’s participation in the project.

I love Troy and I think that he is one of the greatest voice actors in games. I am proud that at the beginning of his career he played Sergeant Baker in Brothers in Arms and I hope that I will work with him again.

Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13, so the chances that it will be Troy Baker’s voice will remain small, and it is also likely that the dubbing for the game is already over.


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