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Power Rangers Developer: Battle for the Grid on Cross-Play: “Families don’t have four PS4 consoles to play together”


Sony is still not open to cross-platform multiplayer.

At the last PAX East 2019 conference , Taihun Kim, head of the nWay studio (Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid), spoke . He spoke about the need for the widespread introduction of cross-plei. He is confident that Sony is still opposed to the full implementation of the function, and because of this, the entire industry is in place.

At the moment, there is no full-fledged cross-play. Because one of the largest platforms, Sony, is not yet open to [innovation]. The company made a few exceptions for games like Fortnite and the Rocket League, but she also said that she would decide on how to implement the function in specific games.

People want to play with friends, and not all friends will have the same platform that you have.

On the example of games like Vainglory and Fortnite, we saw that the whole family could have a desire to play. But no one in the family has four playstation. Dad will play on the iPad, one son on the PS4, and the other on the smartphone. This is only possible through cross-play.

Taihun Kim

director of the studio nWay

Kim believes that for modern gaming services it is crucial that the user can access it from any device. As an example, he cited the Fortnite, which is available on mobile devices, PCs, consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

In addition, according to him, it is necessary to consider the issue of peripherals and headsets used on different platforms for cross-play. Matchmaking system must take into account the type of controller when it selects players.

So far, Sony has allowed cross-play in two games: Fortnite and Rocket League. Also, the cross-platform multiplayer system should appear in the role-playing game Dauntless from Phoenix Labs. She comes out on consoles this summer.


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