The monthly audience of Roblox has reached 90 million users – this is at the level of Minecraft


The platform received the support of German and French.

About reaching 90 million monthly users, Roblox Corporation reported on its blog, noting that it continues to make the platform more accessible by adding localization languages.

According to the company, Europe is one of the main regions for the number of users of Roblox, and she expects that with the introduction of support for German and French languages, the platform will become even more entrenched in it.

90 million monthly users correspond to the Minecraft sandbox, which reached this figure in October 2018. Since then, Microsoft has not reported changes.

Roblox is a multi-user platform that allows you to create various games using the built-in tools and share them with players around the world. In total, it already has more than two million creators.

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