Chapeau – multiplayer hat simulator in the entourage of Austria of the XX century


An alpha version of the game will be released soon.

Austrian indie studio Salt Castle presented the trailer for the game Chapeau (“hat” in French). This is a multiplayer platformer in which gamers have to play for hats. The goal – to score points, landing on the heads of citizens, and not to fall to the ground.

Hats can float and glide over walls. The game has several modes, including “Paul – this is lava” and “Where is Wilhelm?”, In which participants will have to find a specific NPC and land on his head.

Hats can be customized. A choice of headwear from different times and styles. Players can choose a medieval helmet, hat with a field or a cap.

Chapeau does not yet have a page in any online store. In the near future, developers are planning to release an alpha version of the game.

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