Update 1.1 reversed players at Apex Legends.


The developers of Respawn are already trying to solve the problem, for which they needed to disable some of the game servers.

Update. According to the official community of Apex Legends in VK, the developers restored the statistics of the players and started the servers.

On April 3, patch 1.1 was released for Apex Legends, which fixed some of the bugs, allowed to re-unite with two partners in the game after the match ended – and canceled the users’ progress to the first level. The developers at Respawn said they were aware of the problem and were trying to fix it – and until then, they recommended not to buy or craft cosmetic items.

We know that after today’s update, players lost all their progress in their Apex Legends accounts. 
We will correct the situation as quickly as possible.


Before we solve a problem, we recommend players not to buy or craft anything. 
We will talk about all the changes as soon as they appear.

The loss of user progress in connection with the release of Update 1.1 was also reported by the official Apex Legends community on VK. To fix the problem, Respawn had to disable some of the servers of the “royal battle”.

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