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Prince Harry: “Fortnite is made to be addictive”


A member of the British royal family believes that the game should be banned.

Harry, Duke of Sussex

During his speech at an event at the YMCA in London, the Prince criticized video games and social networks, focusing on the online action from Epic Games.


According to Harry, it was “irresponsible” for the developers to create a game that was so addictive.

This game should be banned. What is the use of having someone from your family play it?

It is designed to be addictive, such as to keep you in front of the computer for as long as possible. This is real irresponsibility.

And we are as if expecting when there will be real harm from her. That families were destroyed, and children began to be thrown to neighbors.


duke of sussex

The prince also added that addiction to social networks can be stronger than from alcohol or drugs.

Shareware Fortnite at the moment remains one of the most popular games – more than 200 million users are registered in it .


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