Like a glove: journalists’ impressions about VR mode in No Man’s Sky


A fresh look at the game three years ago.

In summer, No Man’s Sky will receive a free update that will add VR support to the game. To play in virtual reality, you don’t even have to start a new game: VR will work with the existing savings.

We collected the impressions of journalists from the GDC 2019 exhibition. Almost all agreed that No Man’s Sky only won from this – as if the game was originally created for VR.

The work on the update has not yet been completed, but according to journalists, the VR mode is already playing amazingly now. You don’t have to get used to management for a long time, and some elements of the HUD are “sewn” into the in-game objects: with one hand you “hold” the interface, with the other you press the necessary buttons.

You learn how control works in one movement. It is natural and intuitive.

Christopher Living

stonePC Gamer

Purely mechanical – everything feels good. Walking in VR is working. The inventory system is working. Manage scanner and tools – too.

Dustin Bailey

by PCGamesN

Moreover, the management is well implemented everywhere – whether driving or moving on your own two feet. PC Gamer author Christopher Livingstone especially liked the tools for changing the landscape.

It’s cool to direct the manipulator into the ground opposite to you and instantly build a stone pillar […] It is very difficult not to feel the magic of how you change the world, just directing your hand.

Christopher Living

stonePC Gamer

At the exhibition, the control of the Livingstone spacecraft seemed a little nonresponsive – most likely, this will be fixed by the release. Others, on the contrary, were delighted with the mechanics of flight, considering it the best that the game has to offer in VR.

When I led the controller down with my right hand, the ship began to rise — I saw the stars begin to line up around me. This is a wonderful feeling.

John west

by gamesradar

However, what is unlikely to change is the main game mechanics associated with resource management – according to Livingstone, in VR it feels too boring.

The game has too much inventory management: even though the VR in the game is well managed, and the menu is convenient to climb, the last thing I would like to do with virtual reality glasses is to kill a lot of time inside the inventory sections.

Christopher Living

stonePC Gamer

In a conversation with gamesradar, the head of Hello Games, Sean Murray, said that since 2016, many features in the game appeared due to experiments with virtual reality. That is why the game feels so good in VR.

You can jump into the ship, put your hands on the lever and rush up into space. You can dissect the fields of asteroids, and then launch the hyperdrive and land on a space station full of aliens. Amazing how it all happens continuously.

Dustin Bailey

by PCGamerN

According to Murray, the decision to add VR to the game was not commercially justified.

This is not a commercial, but a creative decision. With us, it is normal to do something, simply because it is interesting. […] This is one of those things that will allow you to look at the game from a new angle. Personally, we played a lot in No Man’s Sky – and then we tried to launch it in VR and were pleasantly surprised.

Sean murray

Hello Games Head

Journalists believe that the update is unlikely to increase interest in PlayStation VR – the virtual reality mode will be supported, including on computers. According to Murray, the studio has always received more feedback from the PC audience.

We have always listened most closely to the PC community. We believed that it was with these players that we needed to rebuild the credibility after the unsuccessful launch. We focused on this, and as a result, the audience on the PC has grown significantly.
Sean murray’

Hello Games Head

Beyond will be released in the summer of 2019. In addition to supporting VR glasses, the developers also promised to expand the online component. Like NEXT, it will be completely free.


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