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VentureBeat: BioWare promised to show the next Dragon Age teaser on the TGA 2018, bypassing the EA ban


Publisher had to execute it.

At the end of November 2018, BioWare’s general manager, Casey Hudson, publisheda blog post in which he hinted that the studio would show something related to Dragon Age in December. The only place suitable for this was the Game Awards ceremony, so fans wondered for a while.

During the ceremony, the Dragon Age minute teaser with the hashtag of The Dread Wolf Rises was really shown – this is a direct reference to Solas, one of the Inquisition characters, whose voice also sounded off-screen.

The video was quite simple – it showed an idol of red lirium, familiar to players since the days of Dragon Age, as well as art. The phrase itself, said by Solas, was taken from the Trespasser add-on for Inquisition.

As it turned out, the reason for this was what the teaser for speed did. According toVentureBeat, EA categorically forbade BioWare to give a promise to show something at the next Dragon Age at The Game Awards, but Casey Hudson decided to bypass the decision from above.

After BioWare published a blog post, EA had no choice but to fulfill a promise and bring a teaser. The head of the publishing house, Andrew Wilson, was not pleased with this and, after the TGA ceremony, he personally visited the office of the Canadian studio in order to assess the progress in the work on Dragon Age.

Earlier in the late 2018th edition of VentureBeat reported that despite the teaser, the release of the next Dragon Age will take place no earlier than 2021. The game, according to Kotaku, is created on Frostbite based on the code base Anthem.


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