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Shaun Murray: No Man’s Sky Sales Would Be Happy With AAA Games Developers


Head of Hello Games about the success of the studio and the upcoming update Beyond.

In mid-March, Hello Games announced another major update for No Man’s Sky called Beyond, which will consist of three parts and bring advanced online, VR mode and much more to the game.

The Game Informer publication talked to the head of Hello Games, Sean Murrem, about the upcoming update, the studio’s work in recent years and the future.

Murray did not make promises about how much the online component will expand in terms of the number of players in one session, referring to the sad experience of hasty statements in the past, but using the example of graphics he noted how much the developers have already managed to “refresh” the game.

If you look at the technical version of the release version of No Man’s Sky and the current one, a lot has changed graphically. This almost does not happen with game services – there are a lot of them, but most outwardly do not change.

Sean murray Hello Games Head

The developer stressed that without a constantly active community, all this would have been impossible.

I would like to say that we are altruists here, but the reality is that if no one had played No Man’s Sky, we wouldn’t invest so much in it. We simply could not, and that would not make sense. However, we did not expect the game to be so successful. After the release of NEXT last year, the game was sold in such a circulation that the authors of AAA games on the release would have been very pleased. And this is two years after the release.

Sean murray Hello Games Head

Sean Murray said that the Beyond update was initially not at all in the global plans of Hello Games. After the release of NEXT, the developers believed that they were no longer able to release another update of the same size.

A month or two after the release of NEXT, we allowed the guys to play around with the ideas, and did not have time to recover, as we already sat in January of this year, and one team had progress in VR, another in online, and another in another. And we said, “This game can hold a lot more.” This is the beauty of No Man’s Sky – this is such a huge bucket, which will include anything.


Sean murray Hello Games Head

Hello Games originally planned to release these updates separately from each other, but in the process, the development team realized that the one without the other would not work as it should.

As for the future, some of the staff of Hello Games, which are now around 25, are busy with the adventure of The Last Campfire, announced at The Game Awards 2018. The studio is not going to throw No Man ‘Sky, since it considers it its integral part.

What will work on the team of Sean Murray in addition to this, it is unclear. The developer himself is attracted by what the new generation of consoles can offer, and in particular streaming technology.

I naturally watched the Stadia presentation, and it was very interesting. I know something … I can’t talk about. However, if you take Stadia as an example, I think it would be great to hear about such game concepts, like which we have not seen anything yet.

Sean murray Hello Games Head

Finally, Game Informer journalists reminded Sean Murray of an interview in 2014, one of the moments of which became a meme as a result. The developer admitted that he did not regret it. Moreover, quite recently, all the memes that appeared as a result helped him in an awkward life situation.


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