Shaun Murray hinted at the imminent announcement of the next major update of No Man’s Sky


It looks like it will be about the same “small” as the NEXT.

On March 15, the head of Hello Games, Sean Murray, retweeted his record, made a year ago – in March 2018. Then he said that the developers are preparing for the “small” announcement.

A little announcement is coming soon. Usually we talk as little as possible and are focused on development, but this is about to “leak”.


As a result, Hello Games announced NEXT – the largest No Man’s Sky update, which radically changed the game, including the emergence of a cooperative and a third-person view. After that, the authors of the game released a few more important updates, and now, it seems, are preparing for the next one.

Following retweet, Murray left Emoji hours, hinting that the moment of the announcement of the next update is about to come.

What features will replenish the game at this time, is still unknown.

In addition to No Man’s Sky, Shaun Murray’s studio is also working on The Last Campfire’s Adventure, which was announced at The Game Awards 2018. After the ceremony, there was no news about it.


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