Sean Murray forgot his passport, but confirmed his identity with the help of memes


Gifka instead of the document.

About the awkward situation, the head of Hello Games, Sean Murray, spoke on his twitter account . According to him, he locked his hotel room, having forgotten the passport inside.

To give access to the number, managers asked Murray to confirm their identity using a Facebook account, but the developer does not have one.

As a result, as Murray said, he had to use the gif in the gaming community from a2014 interview with Game Informer.

This interview is not a matter of pride for Sean Murray. Just in him, he once made some promises regarding No Man’s Sky, which were not fulfilled on the release.


Now, almost three years after the release of the game, the situation is much better – thanks to a number of major updates from Hello Games, it was possible to regain the trust of existing players and attract new ones.

In the summer of 2019, No Man’s Sky will receive another free DLC, which the authors call “three in one.” Together with him in the game at least expand the online component.


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