John and Brenda Romero are working on strategy with Paradox Interactive


Details promise to tell at E3.

Paradox Publishing and Romero Games have announced that they are working together on a kind of strategic game based on a new franchise.

According to Brenda Romero, the co-founder of the independent studio, the developers had been nurturing the idea of ​​this project for a long time.

So far, the game has only a website with logos of the two companies. All the details promised to tell in June at the exhibition E3 2019.

One of the creators of the Doom series, John Romero and game designer Brenda Romero, who worked on the Wizardry franchise and the Jagged Alliance, founded their own studio in 2015.

In April, the couple are going to release a large mod for the original Doom called Sigil.


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