Anti-catapult and nubblocking: the developers talked about cheat codes in Rage 2


Players can shock their enemies, kill them with one blow and call one of the bosses for help.

According to the developers of Rage 2, cheat codes will be available in all versions of Rage 2 – however, if you purchase an extended edition, players will receive them immediately. In other versions of the game, cheat codes will have to be bought from a mutant nicknamed “The Magician of the Wasteland”. To spend real money is not required – all cheat codes are purchased for in-game currency.

The developers of Rage 2 talked about the following cheat codes.

  • “Nubing” – allows you to kill enemies with one blow.
  • “Son of Thor” – electrifies the character, as a result of which all enemies will receive an electric shock in the melee.
  • “Clegg Help” – calls for help Clegg Clayton – one of the bosses of the game and part-time tycoon, politician and “rare goat.”
  • “Anti-catapult” – sends into the air not a character, but his car.

For pre-order Rage 2 players will also receive a cheat code “It burns!”, Which will add replicas of Tim Kitzrow – commentator sports simulators, known for the phrase “Bumshakalaka!”. This cheat code will be available from the “Mage of the Wasteland”. According to the developers, they plan to add other cheat codes after the release of the game.

Rage 2 will be released on May 14 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, where the shooter, among other things, can be purchased on Steam.

“Bumshakalaka!”: Rage 2 trailer with comments by Tim Kitzrow – voices of NBA JAM


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