Section r / Games on Reddit closed on April 1


Moderators want to draw community attention to toxic behavior during discussions.

In the video game section of Reddit, there was a post from moderators in which they announced that they were closing for April 1 a part of the site called r / Games. Thus, the moderators want to draw the attention of the community to the current problem of incorrect and aggressive behavior on the forum.

Moderators understand that the site was created primarily for discussions, and discussions sometimes flow into an argument. Nevertheless, more and more often, users become personal and insult not only their opponents, but also entire groups of people.

Whether it is misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, racism or discrimination in any other form, it is now time to stop this stream of regressive ideas and do everything to prevent such behavior from becoming the norm.

From the message moderators Reddit

The authors of the post collected examples of such messages and urged the participants in the discussions not to be like the users in the screenshots. Site moderators want to “improve” the atmosphere in the community and return the discussions to the correct “direction” – so that the site participants discuss and enjoy video games together.

Also, the moderators of Reddit offered to all who wish to donate money to the funds for assistance to various minorities.


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