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Media: three months of 2019 lost more jobs of employees of gaming companies than for the entire 2018 year


First of all – due to layoffs at Activision Blizzard.

The editors of PC Games Insider calculated how many gaming industry workers lost their positions in the first months of 2019.

about 1500 people

employees of gaming companies lost their jobs in the first quarter of 2019

This is more than in the entire previous year – in 2018, 1,400 people lost their jobs.

As noted by journalists, so far most of the people fell under cuts. For example, as a result of the restructuring in Activision Blizzard, a little less than 800 employees were fired from the company.

In addition, several hundred people lost their posts at EA , more than a hundred at ArenaNet , and dozens at Valve , Razer , and other companies.

List of layoffs in gaming companies for 2019

  • Activision Blizzard – about 800
  • EA FireMonkeys – about 50
  • ArenaNet – 143
  • Razer – 30
  • – about 12
  • Techland – 13
  • Valve – 13
  • Electronic Arts – 350
  • Nitro Games – up to 30
  • 5th Planet Games —14
  • Outplay – up to 30
  • Wish Studios – 13 (closing studio)

In 2018, on the contrary, the majority lost their jobs due to the closure of one or another game company – for example, Telltale.

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