IGN and Fox have released the horror Alien: Isolation in the format of the web series


The show of seven episodes was released on YouTube on February 28.Update: the series can already be viewed online.

Alien Trailer: Isolation Digital Series

Portal IGN and the film company 20th Century Fox announced a mini-series on the game Alien: Isolation – a kind of “retelling” of its plot.

It will contain all the cut-scenes from the horror itself, as well as additional episodes on the Isolation engine, created by Reverse Engineering Studios and DVgroup. Elements of the gameplay will be used in several scenes shown on behalf of the heroine.

According to the authors, their goal is to add a kind of “new dimension” to the story of Amanda Ripley for those who have already passed the game, as well as to give everyone else the opportunity to get acquainted with her story.

Alien: Isolation, released in 2014, tells about the daughter of Ellen Ripley, the main character of the first films of the series “Alien”. The girl goes to the trade station “Sevastopol”, where the black box of the ship “Nostromo”, where her mother served, is located.

All seven episodes of the web series were published on the IGN official YouTube channel on February 28 at 20:00 Moscow time.

The duration of each series is about ten minutes.

First episode

Second episode

Third episode

Fourth episode

Fifth episode

Episode six

Seventh episode


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