Massacre in the cosmic city and warping baton: 20 minutes of gameplay The Outer Worlds


In the shown build, there is no voice acting for dialogs and some actions, but on the release it will all be in place.

At PAX East, developers from Obsidian showed the city on one of two planets that will be available for visiting at The Outer Worlds. In addition to them, the player will be able to explore space stations and asteroids.

According to one of the quests in this city, the main character can pass the tests in the studio, making films with propaganda. The task is given by a local director, who if desired can be killed immediately after listening to it – just like any character in the game.

This is exactly what the developers did during the presentation, starting to shoot guards and even civilians.

In the process, the authors showed another scientific weapon – a baton, which, upon impact, changes the size and shape of the part of the body that was hit.

According to the developers, initially one of the bugs led to such a strain, and they decided to make it an effect

The previous scientific weapon shown by Obsidian was the beam-diminutive. He lives up to his name and makes opponents smaller.

The Outer Worlds will be released in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, where the release of the game will be available in the Microsoft Store and the Epic Games Store – on Steam it will appear only in 2020.


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