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Doll Chucky remake of “Children’s Games” voiced by Mark Hamill


About this actor told in his instagram.

According to Mark Hamill, he cannot wait to enter the image of “such a cult character” on the big screen.

And remember, he is not just a toy. He is your best friend.Mark Hamillactor

The first trailer for the remake of “Children’s Games” was released in February – according to the plot of the film, the mother gives her son a doll, but due to a software failure, she turns into a killer.

Other roles in the film were played by Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”), Brian Tyree Henry (“Atlanta”) and Gabriel Bateman (“And the lights go out”), and the remake director is Lars Klevberg, who shot the horror “Polaroid”.

The film will be released in Russia on June 21.

The original “Children’s Games” was released in 1988, and there, according to the plot, Chucky’s doll was obsessed with the spirit of a serial killer. The film, directed by director Tom Holland, will also receive six sequels.


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