Hacker pleaded guilty to hacking Microsoft and Nintendo servers, but avoided jail time


The judge took into account the health problems of the accused.

A 24-year-old cybersecurity expert named Zammis Clark received a half-year suspended prison sentence for illegally accessing data from Microsoft and Nintendo.

He was convicted in a London court after a hacker pleaded guilty.

Clark is a former employee of Internet security company Malwarebytes. He was first detained in the summer of 2017 because he hacked into the Microsoft server and downloaded about 43,000 files associated with unreleased versions of the Windows operating system.

According to the court, the hacker gained access to files through malware – thanks to his actions, other hackers could obtain confidential information.

Despite serious allegations, Clark was released on bail without restrictions on using a PC. He had to arrest him again in the spring of 2018, after he had hacked into the Nintendo servers – not only the code for the games being developed, but also the passwords of two thousand users were available to him.


Microsoft estimated the damage at two million dollars, and Nintendo – from 913 thousand to 1.8 million.

Clark escaped jail for health reasons – he suffers from autistic disorder and pro-vaginal (inability to recognize people). The judge concluded that a person with such a diagnosis may be dangerous to imprisonment and even encourage new crimes.

After the hacker’s parents submitted a detailed plan for the re-education and rehabilitation of his son, he was sentenced only to a suspended sentence.

Nevertheless, for five years, Clark will be on probation. If he again violates the law, he faces up to five years in prison or a fine with an unlimited amount.

Representatives from Microsoft and Nintendo have already stated that they have eliminated the security holes due to which the burglar gained access to their servers.


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