Bethesda has no plans to talk about Starfield and TES VI at E3 2019


These games will use photogrammetry technology, which already perpetuated Shirley Curry, an 82-year-old Skyrim fan.

Shirley curry

About this on PAX told Todd Howard himself.

No one has yet started asking questions, please be patient. You have to wait a long time. We will not talk about these games at E3 this year. But in honor of the 25th anniversary of TES, we still wanted to show something.

Todd Howard game director, producer

Fragment, where we are talking about TES VI and Starfield

In addition, the developers said that in their future games, including TES VI, they will use photogrammetry technology. With it, real objects and landscapes are transferred into the game, taking many pictures from different angles. This method allows you to capture the color of diffuse reflection from the surface of the object and its very shape.

As an example of the use of technology, developers have added an NPC with a Shirley Curry appearance to TES VI. The 82-year-old woman became famous in the network for her videos with the passage of Skyrim, after which the players askedBethesda to perpetuate it numerically.

The presentation of Bethesda at E3 will be held from 9 to 10 June – at 3:30 am Moscow time. The publisher is expected to once again show Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Bethesda will arrive at E3 2019 after all


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