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Cygames: Granblue Fantasy Relink development will accelerate despite PlatinumGames leaving the project


The company has already restored the “loss” in the number of the team.

In early February, PlatinumGames announced that it no longer works with Cygames on Granblue Fantasy Relink. In this case, the first mention disappeared from all pages of the RPG, as well as the game section in the company’s portfolio.

What was the reason for leaving PlatinumGames is still unknown, but Cygames has already restored the current development pace and intend to speed it up by hiring more employees. About this company told the publication Famitsu, expressing confidence that the players will be satisfied with the game.

Cygames explained that the project is now working on its unit from the Japanese city of Osaka, and the number of developers is equal to that which was with the participation of PlatinumGames. In the future, the team will expand.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink will be released on PS4, but Cygames is also interested in porting it to a PC.

When will the release, not yet reported.

PlatinumGames is no longer involved in the development of Granblue Fantasy: Relink 


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