Apple introduced its “Netflix for games” – Arcade subscription service


For mobile and desktop games.

At the Apple presentation, the company announced its own subscription service for games that will work in the manner of Netflix. He was named Apple Arcade .

The service will work through the App Store. By a single subscription, users will be able to access games on iOS, macOS and Apple TV. Advertising on the site will not.

Apple Arcade is not a streaming service. Games will be downloaded to the user’s device, so you can play them without an Internet connection. In addition, the service supports cross-progress: you can start playing on the iPhone and continue, for example, on Apple TV.

According to the company, more than 100 games will be available in Apple Arcade, including exclusive ones for the platform. The selection of titles and recommendations for users will be handled by moderators.

Among the studios that will collaborate with Apple – Bossa Studios, Klei Entertainment, Konami and Sega. In addition, SimCity creator Will Wright and Final Fantasy developer Hiranobu Sakaguchi make an exclusive game for the service. In particular, the platform will continue the adventure game Oceanhorn, multiplayer broker LEGO BRAWLS, racing arcade game Sonic Racers and RPG Yaga.

Apple Arcade will launch in the autumn of 2019 in 150 countries. On the Russian version of the site of the service it is also written “Meet this fall”, therefore, perhaps, it will be launched in Russia simultaneously with other countries. Details of the service and prices will be announced later.

Apple plans to launch its own subscription service for media games reported back in January 2019. According to them, the company began to discuss the possibility of its launch with the developers only in the second half of 2018.


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