Fans have found confirmation that the oval office of the US President will appear in Death Stranding

It remains to understand what all this.

Kojima’s published photo

Photos from the recording studio Hideo Kojima shared on his twitter on March 12th. On one of them you can see monitors with a frame from the game, where at first glance there is nothing important, but if you look closely, it becomes clear that the oval office of the US President is depicted there.

Photo of the oval cabinet 

For the first time, players suspected the presence of an oval office in the game even at E3 2018, when the last Death Stranding trailer came out last.

In it, the main character Sam drops the photo, where he is depicted, the heroine of actress Lindsay Wagner and another unknown woman, and all three of them are in a room that remotely resembles the cabinet of the US President.

Shot from the last trailer at E3 2018

The United States itself in the game, as already known due to the stripe on the jacket of Guillermo del Toro’s character, is called the United Cities of America.

In early March, Hideo Kojima said that Death Stranding is already possible from the beginning to the end, although the production is somewhat behind the originally scheduled deadlines.

His studio, one way or another, still intends to release the game before the Olympics in Tokyo – it starts in the summer of 2020.


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