The second teaser Persona 5R

Details about the game will open on April 24.

The company Atlus has published the second teaser reprint role-playing game Persona 5 – Persona 5R. Judging by the roller, “R” is here from the word Royal.

In the video you can see the girl in the form of the first class of Suzin School, while the protagonist of the original game is in the second class. Twitter user under the nickname Mystic, who translates news related to the Persona series, spoke about what is said in the video.

The P5R teaser starts with Goro (I guess), who says, “What do you think about Phantom Thieves and what they do?” The girl replies: “I think that the fact that they help people is great.” But then she says: “But still I don’t like the Phantom Thieves. I don’t think their actions really help people. ”


Atlus did not name the release date Persona 5R. More details about the game promise to tell on April 24, at the Persona Super Live 2019 concert. At the moment, Persona 5R has been announced only for the PlayStation 4.

Teaser Persona 5 R – reprints of the original game


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